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What is AcroporaTM ?

AcroporaTM is a 3D voxel-based procedural mesh synthesizer. Meshes are generated by polygonising iso-surfaces extracted from user-defined density functions. In other words, Acropora expolits voxel modelling to generate complex and interesting meshes.


What is a density function?

A density function defines a 3D scalar field: f =f(x,y,z).


An iso-surface defines a surface where f(x,y,z) = a, where a is any prescribed constant.


What is a voxel?

A voxel is the smallest unit element of a volume. The 3D equivelant of a pixel.


What is the difference between 3D mesh modelling and voxel based modelling?

In voxel modelling the mesh is extracted from interpolation of values in a 3D scalar field. In 3D mesh modelling, vertices are manipulated directly by the user via a 3D modelling application.


Why voxel modelling?

Voxels can be used to generate complex manifolds in space that otherwise would be difficult and/or time consuming to create in conventional modelling tools.


What is 3D noise sampling?

To generate interesting, complex, organic forms in 3D space, the density function can be perturbed by sampling a noise volume. Overlaying multiple octaves results in non-repeating patterns in 3D space. The user can adjust the amplitude, phase, frequency, offset and strength of each octave layer. Additionally, input coordinates can be transformed or perturbed to further smear out repeatability.


Regions and how are they used?

Regions are user-defined sub-volumes where the user can apply specific density function behavior.





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