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With the latest build of Acropora you can translate, rotate, or otherwise warp any modifier and then add the result to the existing scalar field.

Here we have a simple ripple applied to a plane that is rotated and then modified with volumetric and fractal noise.



With the new lofts and grooves you can create procedural geometries that are controlled by splines and modify them on the fly. Imagine a racetrack you can embed in a terrain and then modify at your will:



Make caves using lofts and then use carving tools to add interesting details to the terrain:



Transformations can also be applied to terrain source modifiers:



Lofts are spline controlled procedural geometries with user selectable cross-sections. At each control point the size and strength and position can be controlled.



Doodling with Acropora:




Sculpting with Acropora:





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