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Who’s the curmudgeon? That would be yours truly, of course. For those of you not entirely familiar with the word, a curmudgeon is an old man (often ill-tempered) who stubbornly clings to his (sometimes) out-dated ideas. It is my intent with this section of the web-site to create a kind of relaxed forum describing experiences with using Acropora on some fairly elaborate compositions, and then describe the build-up and design of the screen elements, followed by several renderings. It some cases the final composition ended up being something completely different from what I originally intended. One of the hallmarks with working with Acropora is not always knowing what you will end up with.



Each month I will add a new article describing a particular scene or idea. Users are also welcome to submit articles and share their exploits with using Acropora, the only requirement being that some aspect (however small) of the composition was created using Acropora.







Who doesn't dream of finding a hideaway deep in some remote canyon. This is one of those funny projects which started one place and ended somewhere else... 



I'm sorry, I had to do it! There was simply no way for me to avoid modeling those bizarre floating rocks...

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